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Socrates' Book Reviews Blog gave DANGEROUS RELATIONS
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Dru Ann Love writes "...a fabulously written story that resonated
with me as this quickly became a page turner that kept me in suspense
and had me luxuriated in the blossoming romance throughout this
engaging story."

MURDER IN THE AIR gets a five star review:

My short story, "I'm Getting Married," received a very nice review:

I was interviewed by Marja McGraw April 30th.
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A review by Dru Love: (June 15)

Zee's five star review at:

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Zee at wrote:

"A Murderer Among Us is absolutely phenomenal. It has become a favorite in my personal book collection, which I plan to re-read over and over again. This story is so rich with detail. You get to delve deep into the world of Lydia Krause, her family, her friends, and the community in which she and an unknown killer dwells. Levinson's writing style is fluid, allowing me to fully immerse myself in the novel. I literally couldn't put this novel down. Levinson's writing is perfection, and I strongly encourage you to read A Murderer Among Us. Please write another Twin Lakes Mystery. I am unashamedly hooked and will be looking to read more of Marilyn Levinson's work."

Johanna Hurwitz, author of more than
70 children's books wrote:

"It's hard to believe that this well-plotted mystery is Marilyn Levinson's first published book in this genre. She has written a fast-paced story with realistic characters, several potential murderers and a red herring to cloud the picture to boot. I didn't guess the villian and probably you won't either. However, the story moves along so quickly that you'll have the answer before you know it. I recommend this to all mystery readers."