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You can find my guest blogging at:

Today Morgen Bailey is featuring me on her blog.
I'm talking about mysteries and romantic suspense, and my
new book, DANGEROUS RELATIONS, that's out next week.
Come visit and leave a comment:

My debut post today on Make Mine Mystery blog:

I was talking about Long Island on April 27th, and the role it
plays in my mysteries. Click here to read: click here

I'm talking about Giving Up the Ghost on Karen Docter's
blog. Come visit, get my recipe for honey-glazed carrots,
and have a chance to win a free e-copy of
Giving Up the Ghost

"Why a Ghost?" is my subject on Jenny Milchman's
blog on May 11th where I talk about my newbook,

Giving Up the Ghost
. Come visit: click here

Check out my blogging on
Jackie Vick's "A Writer's Jumble" about giving
new life to my out-of-print children's books: click here

I'm blogging about A TOUCH OF ROMANCE in my
mysteries and romance stories. Check it out.

Elysabeth Eldering's blog.

Red River Radio January 18th
"A talk with Fran Lewis about my Mysteries"

If you've ever wondered when a writer stops writing, read my
post on Creatures 'n Crooks Books blogs

"A Writer Never Retires" (Nov 13th)

Kay George's Travels with kay,
"How Publishing has Changed!" (Sept 7th)

Sylvia Ramsey's Thoughtful Reflections: Children's Book and
Murder Mystery Author Marilyn Levinson Reveals new Book,
A Murderer Among Us (Sept 5th)

Lisa Haselton's Reviews and Interviews. (August 24)

Morgan Bailey's blogging interview with childresn's, YA and mystery author Marilyn Levinson (August 15)

Gerrie Ferris Finger’s blog: (June 26)

Judy Hogan’s blog: (July 10)

Working Stiffs blog: (July 14)
An Author Interviews Her Sleuth

Sabeen’s blog: (July 23)

Five Scribes Blog: (July 26)  The Camaraderie of Writer (June 6, 2011)